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Example of a control panel.Every Suparator® system can be supplied with a suitable control system. Although the controls for a Suparator® system are not complicated, a control systems turns a set of components into a package unit which is fully assembled and tested, ready for direct use. The time to install a unit and put it into operation is minimized.

For the smaller systems with little features, a very simple but versatile control panel is available, which is based on a very sofisticated variable frequency drive with integrated load monitor. The load monitor protects the pump against running dry (ES type pump) and blocking of the pump suction or discharge (ES and EM type pumps).

If there is more than one pump to be controlled, or if a system has multiple features, a control panel based on the advanced Logo! controller from Siemens will be used. In addition to alarm and text messaging and analog measurement and control, the Logo! controller is available with an Ethernet connection, allowing connection to, and data exchange with, main or central control systems.

VSA control panels.

The internal of the 11/VSA/xxx control panel. This control panel is the standard for 86 series units but can be used on the 89 or 84 series. It includes the control of a single feed pump by means of the VSA variable frequency drive (VFD) with integrated load monitor. The load monitor checks the load the pump is drawing from the net and shuts down the pump, when the limit set is exceeded. This protects the pump against damage due to, for instance, blocking of the suction or discharged. It will also shut down an ES type pump when it is running dry, avoiding damage to the stator.

Siemens Logo! control panels.

 The internal of a 12/PLC/xxx control panel.This controller is based on the Siemens Logo! plc, a very sofisticated controller which incorporates many valuable features. The analog inputs, which are standard on the base module, allow for flexible level measurement and pressure control. Also standard are the text and alarm messages which are displayed on the controller display or, optionally, on the operator interface panel. And with an analog output module it becomes very simple to control the capacity of a discharge pump.

The Siemens Logo! is available with an Ethernet connection which can be used to connect the control system to other control systems or user interface panels. This feature can be used to connect the controller to a central or main control system or data acquisition system and exchange process statusses and values. It is also possible to connect to controllers of other equipment which interact with the Suparator® system. An Ethernet link with the controller of a Q-Filter® active vacuum system, which is often used after the Suparator® system, is even available as a standard feature.

Customized control panels.

The standard control systems offer a very flexible and economical solution. However, if customer requirements dictate the use of special components or controllers, we can provide a completely customized system. Requirements for different types of controllers, equipment standards, voltages and national standards can be adhered to.